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The Chloe Collection

All of her best films in one shocking feature! Read More

Studio: B & D Pleasures

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Chloe fans should be shaking with excitement as they read this. All of her best films in one shocking feature! The girl with no limits endures stringent punishment, hard bondage, and total surrender.

In Confessions of Chloe, our hapless heroine roams the endless varieties of submission. She swings in suspension, her flesh suffers a merciles whipping.
She's totally restrained and helplessly compelled to obey. She experiences reality more intense than her most erotic fantasies.

In Incarceration of Chloe, our seductive slavegirl reveals the experiences that made her who she is today.
She revisits the cell where her re-education included the most rigorous discipline imagineable. Even the most intimate of her bodily functions are under the control of her master.

In Reclaiming of Chloe, the saga continues when Chloe returns to her master, seeking a level of submissive surrender and ecstasy perceived but never reached. The cane, the whip, the wax, the humiliating cleansing; now administered with a zeal she had never known.

DVD Features:
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Runtime: 180 minutes

Studio: B & D Pleasures


Also Starring:

Ernest Greene 

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