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The Office Girls (Viv Thomas)

Stella wants a pay-rise, but the only way she's going to get one is to lick-out the puckered arsehole of her boss Read More

Studio: Viv Thomas

Series: The Office Girls

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Stella wants a pay-rise, but the only way she's going to get one is to lick-out the puckered arsehole of her boss, Lisa. The thing is, Stella has a secret crush on her colleague Vera - who she fully intends to fuck one day. Nelly's firm arse is spanked by her superior, Helena - and afterwards the two girls go crazy on the desk chewing pussy and fingering their cute arseholes.

DVD Features:
  • Outtakes
  • Bonus Kisses
  • Trailers
  • Playable Worldwide

Runtime (Stream, Download): 155 minutes

Studio: Viv Thomas

Series: The Office Girls


Stella Stevens 

Reviews & Ratings

 (44 ratings) Rate It
Customer Reviews

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Great Office Lesbians - September 22, 2015
Reviewed By: Sappho

This is a classic video which is one of the best in this genre. The scenes are great and women are very attractive. The scene on the desk is unbelievable. There is just something about a girl going down on another girl on a desk. Excellent. A great additional to anyone's library. One of my favorites.

Classic - February 2, 2014
Reviewed By: Mac21C

This is a must have for any connoisseur's library.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Oh My God, this is the sexiest girl girl film ever, the girls are ALL hot, the kissing is amazing and the bum licking pussy eating fucking just blew me away. I bought Where the boys arn't,I will not be buying any more, I will stick to the Office Girls....please can we have more of the same please please please. forget the Jenna Jameson girl films this film is how all girl / girl porn should be made...except I should be there telling them what to do next mmmmmm Steve xx

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Another top drawer all-girl effort. Stunning girls and everything � hair, make-up, clothes, the set - looks great. Office flirtation between co-workers is handled very realistically and avoids cheesy clich�Also nice balance between scenes in the workplace and action taking place in the girls� homes and in a hotel where they stay for conferences. The scenes all have a great pace with slow-burn erotic build up into hard action and the girls really seem into each other which is a terrific turn on. Really a turn on to see gorgeous little Vera, in spectacles and buttoned-up little black work number, being both bashful and shy when being hit on by predatory co-worker Stella, and aroused but uncertain whether to make a move when she makes eye contact with a gorgeous guest at a hotel who seems interested in her . And to then have all this pay off with the contrast in her character as Vera becomes a little dynamo in bed with the objects of her desires. She�s only 3rd on the billing at the opening credits, and not to take away from the other girls who are all great, but for me Vera was the star here and came into her own in this film. To be continued it says at the end - can�t wait ! Gripes : In a couple of scenes the girls seem to have a little difficulty bringing each other off : in particular it�s a little disappointing that in Vera and Stella�s scene, which otherwise is very very good, that poor Vera doesn�t seem to be able to come. There are a few edits and a vibrator appears and Vera has to bring herself off. Ditto Lisa and Kylie�s scene, Lisa seems to do all the work � and very good work it is too with a strap on - but Kylie is very much on the receiving end and Lisa brings herself off with a toy. Finally, it�s a shame Lisa and Vera don�t have a scene together, their brief kissing segment in the Extras is very hot. Maybe this encounter is being saved for a sequel ? But these are quite personal picky gripes with what is an excellent, top-quality feature. Extras : trailers, some nice out-takes, and a bonus 7 minutes or so of passionate deep kissing (fully clothed, in the office set) between Lisa and Stella, and then Lisa and Vera.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

The unmistakeable whiff of real life mixed with almost unbearable eroticism makes Office Girls a wonderful feast for the senses. VivThomas productions (they made the similarly impressive Pink Velvet 3) seem to have nailed the concept of how to make the perfect all girl film. The office politics and the power games all add up to a heady mix of heartfelt all girl action. These uniformly stunning ladies genuinely want to get each other off and there's a kind of loving intensity that most other all girl films can only dream about. Absolutely awesome.

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