Das Ist Fantastisch

Das Ist Fantastisch - Front Cover

Have you ever had a phone sex session with your girlfriend? Read More

Studio: VR Bangers

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Have you ever had a phone sex session with your girlfriend? As long as the girl will be kinky enough, having such an experience can be really enjoyable and erotic – especially when performed not just through your phone, but in the virtual reality, while using a high-end VR visor! In the newest VR Bangers’ VR porn fantasy, we took that idea and created a VR porn video out of it, giving you a unique opportunity to “borrow” one of VRB’s VR pornstars and turn her into your wife this evening. The girl would love to have a sexy time with you, yet since you two are so far away from each other, she really couldn’t do much about that and had to come up with some creative solution to this little problem of yours – thus coming up with this phone sex solo masturbation scene in a VR porn movie! “Dast ist Fantastisch” VR porn video’s name didn’t come out of nowhere, as the girl performing for you in this virtual reality porn fantasy, Texas Patti, originates from Germany, and today she will also play the role of a German businesswoman – fucking through her smartphone with her husband, meaning you, as long you’ll be wearing your VR headset. Patti is known to be one of the most hardcore VR porn sluts in the business, so you can indeed expect a unique show from her – that’s exactly why we all love some masturbation VR porn videos in which there’s only you and the girl in front of the virtual reality porn camera! So, do you want to join her in this immersive VR porn fantasy? Wear your VR headset and accompany her as soon as possible, to keep company of this hot slut while she’ll be playing with her juicy pussy and moaning wildly to your craving for sex ears – in 3D 360° virtual reality and with binaural sound, everything will seem much more lifelike and realistic!

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality has come to the adult world. Imagine being thrust in the middle of the action with the sexiest women and men in the world. VR will transport you instantly to the greatest depths of pleasure, and we will make sure you always have the largest selection of high-quality VR content to choose from in order to satisfy your desires!

To view Virtual Reality content all you need is an app and a viewer, with us you get a free pop up viewer sent to you with your first Virtual Reality purchase, or you can purchase a Virtual Reality headset with strap.

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Studio: VR Bangers


Texas Patti 

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