The Wannabe Stripper

Actress Vanessa Veracruz gets hired to shoot a commercial selling massage oil. Read More

Studio: Girlsway

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Actress Vanessa Veracruz gets hired to shoot a commercial selling massage oil. But each time  Vanessa does a take, the director Serena Blair calls cut. Sixty-seven takes later, Serena calls a  timeout on the set and excuses the cameraman to give them some privacy. Eva Lovia's bills are  racking up and she must come up with a plan to make some money fast. With her perfect  figure and boobs, she decides stripping is the best option but has no idea how to strip and so  she hires personal dancer and trainer AJ Applegate. Not knowing exactly what it takes to  become an exotic dancer, Eva desperately needs AJ to show her the secrets in stripping  success, and more! Giselle Palmer and Kristen Scott are the hottest couple on the block and  they know it! When they decide to spice up their sex life with some role playing someone calls  the police believing that the couple are burglars in the process of robbing the home. Giselle  Palmer is quickly called to the scene, and what started off as some innocent role playing  turned into an afternoon they could have never expected!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 119 minutes

Studio: Girlsway

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