Luxure - Education Of Married Women

Anna Polina and Ricky Mancini are a very close couple. Read More

Studio: Marc Dorcel

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Anna Polina and Ricky Mancini are a very close couple. Their strength is on one hand to manage not to fall in a daily routine and on the other hand, have very out of the ordinary sexual encounters. Ricky is never short of ideas when it comes to please his wife’s fantasies. What he loves above all is to watch her give and take pleasure with other men. Let’s just say that Anna never knows what he has in stock for her. Blindfolded, Anna has the opportunity to show her blow job skills to a perfect stranger while her husband watches. Being turned on by such an appetizer, the couple takes things to another level in their rich Parisian apartment. Indeed, in addition to being a true expert at sucking dicks, Anna is also very keen on anal sex. Tiffany Leiddi is really in love with Rico Simmons. Although they’re very romantic, the young couple loves to push back their sexual boundaries. Tonight, Tiffany just wants to go out, only dressed in her sexiest lingerie and high heels and offer Rico an exhibitionism session in the streets of Paris. No being able to take it anymore, Rico starts kissing and fondling his wife in a quiet place until a stranger comes their way. Tiffany then offers the lucky guy a one in a lifetime opportunity: coming home with them to fuck her while her husband watches. After they’re done Tiffany will eventually fuck her man to thank him for his gift.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 102 minutes

Studio: Marc Dorcel

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