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VR Pop Up Viewer

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VR Pop Up Viewer

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**Note: To use this product you must have an Android or iPhone with a screen size of at least 4 inches and up 6.5 inches.

Our entry-level viewer provides a cost effective way to see what VR is all about. How cost effective? We'll send you one for FREE with a VR purchase!* While this will get you in the door, we highly recommend the Virtual Reality headset with strap to really emerse yourself in this exciting new world!

Works with all 4-6.5 inch Android or iPhones

*Limit one per customer

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality has come to the adult world. Imagine being thrust in the middle of the action with the sexiest women and men in the world. VR will transport you instantly to the greatest depths of pleasure, and we will make sure you always have the largest selection of high-quality VR content to choose from in order to satisfy your desires!

To view Virtual Reality content all you need is an app and a viewer, with us you get a free pop up viewer sent to you with your first Virtual Reality purchase, or you can purchase a Virtual Reality headset with strap.

Brand: Ruby VR

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